Monday, January 4, 2010

2012 early

WHOA! It's time to get it rolling!
(spring fever is hitting early & it's time to get out!)

Make a New Years Resolution to join us at
4th Annual Dam 5k/10k

Come join us at the most scenic run in Minidoka County!
Gear up for a GREAT course.

MAY 5th 2012
@ Lake Walcott/Minidoka Dam

Registration will Late February
Looking for Runners, Volunteers, & Sponsors
E-mail: ~ for more information

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1 comment:

jacksons said...

I was wondering what kind of terrain the 5k will be on. Is it paved, gravel, dirt, etc. Also, is there a particular incline I should be training for(e.g. 2%, 10%)

I would appreciate any information you can provide me with. I will check back periodically while I'm training to run your 5k.