Sunday, January 2, 2011

Time to set your 2011 New Year Resolutions


Gear up for the 3rd annual
Acequia Elementary
DAM RACE 5k/10k
Hosted at the Minidoka Dam/Lake Walcott

MAY 7th

First Race?
Are you a rookie?
Or just starting out again?
Check this out:

STEP 1: Get shoes/gear that fits
Dressing & feeling the part will get you excited & motivated
STEP 2: Pick a race & sign up
Hey! What do you know? This is a 5k/10k website, our race would be a GREAT one to pick!
STEP 3: Come up with a plan
How often you are going to train & prepare. What other healthy choices can you make to further yourself?
STEP 4: Follow through with the plan
Be sure to write it down, invite & tell others, find a partner, this way you are holding yourself accountable & you are more likely to successfully follow through!
STEP 5: Show up on race day
Well, honestly, you can get a Dam shirt if you don’t come to the Dam race!


Join us on Facebook- ask questions, find a partner, post your goal, see who
else is coming!

Have ideas? Need Help? Want to Help?
Track me down
Emma Van Every -
Dam Race Director & Chocolate Cupcake Maker


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